Good Friday

Jesus knew what awaited him that night. If you remember from the story of the Last Supper, Jesus instructs them one final time that they must follow a new commandment, to love one another. Before they left the table, the story tells us he sang a hymn with his disciples. Although we can’t be certain, … Continue reading Good Friday


There are soooo many reasons to feel angry. And every reason is compelling, valid, and important.   I cannot believe what our new president is doing. I feared what kind of president he would be, and I’m even more afraid than I thought because his behavior is somehow worse in reality than in my imagination. … Continue reading Outrage


Today is the day the Church celebrates the Epiphany. Today, sage and sacred travelers, following a light, reach an unforeseen destination: a child who shines with the light of divinity.  Those with wisdom practice the art of seeing God in the faces of others; so too did the Magi, having cultivated the skill of seeing, … Continue reading Epiphany 


I want to propose a new soteriology.* Well, not so new. The systematic concept I am advocating has lurked in the background of Christian thought for centuries, but has been eclipsed by the doctrine of substitutionary atonement, a theory that relies on blood being shed for wrath or ransom. * Soteriology: a (systematic) concept or doctrine … Continue reading Nativity


The examined life is the only one worth living.   I’m flipping this phrase around. Whether it’s history or legend, we have this story set in Ancient Greece. A wise man called Socrates has started up a thriving school, and attracts the young people to his lectures. Socrates educates them, makes arguments, and draws them … Continue reading Attention