On Service

We’ve been seeing protests against racial injustice growing and expanding like never before. In the wake of what happened to George Floyd, in the midst of a global pandemic, right after a few other high profile cases of black people dying in police custody, there is an aching hunger for righteousness. And the public is … Continue reading On Service

On Welcome

My work as a priest has brought me into many recent conversations on what it means to practice welcome. The church I’m currently serving is very modern. Everything from the chairs and floor plan to the roofline and positioning on our property communicate a 21st century expression of faith. But if you pause occasionally, you’ll … Continue reading On Welcome


I want to propose a new soteriology.* Well, not so new. The systematic concept I am advocating has lurked in the background of Christian thought for centuries, but has been eclipsed by the doctrine of substitutionary atonement, a theory that relies on blood being shed for wrath or ransom. * Soteriology: a (systematic) concept or doctrine … Continue reading Nativity