One of the most significant aspects of life is discovering your own identity. As a child, one learns to imitate the behavior of others, and to obey instructions. In adolescence, one begins exploring what it will be like to become an adult by testing boundaries and seeking out contrasting role models. Some may write it … Continue reading Identity

Good Friday

Jesus knew what awaited him that night. If you remember from the story of the Last Supper, Jesus instructs them one final time that they must follow a new commandment, to love one another. Before they left the table, the story tells us he sang a hymn with his disciples. Although we can’t be certain, … Continue reading Good Friday


There are soooo many reasons to feel angry. And every reason is compelling, valid, and important.   I cannot believe what our new president is doing. I feared what kind of president he would be, and I’m even more afraid than I thought because his behavior is somehow worse in reality than in my imagination. … Continue reading Outrage


Today is the day the Church celebrates the Epiphany. Today, sage and sacred travelers, following a light, reach an unforeseen destination: a child who shines with the light of divinity.  Those with wisdom practice the art of seeing God in the faces of others; so too did the Magi, having cultivated the skill of seeing, … Continue reading Epiphany 


I want to propose a new soteriology.* Well, not so new. The systematic concept I am advocating has lurked in the background of Christian thought for centuries, but has been eclipsed by the doctrine of substitutionary atonement, a theory that relies on blood being shed for wrath or ransom. * Soteriology: a (systematic) concept or doctrine … Continue reading Nativity